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21 January 2008 @ 08:32 pm
Cycle No.2 over?  
Still negative at 13DPO.

2 looong days to go before period.

Cause for Pessimism: no symptoms whatsoever, already watery CM which is a sign of endometrium breaking down for period
Cause for cautionary Optimism: Temps high for my usual post-O temps, only period will tell the truth, denial is good


ETA at 14DPO: Temp crashed as well
ETA at 15DPO: Temp low as yesterday but still no period! I am outraged at FAM losing its perfect predictive powers...it should have been today this morning!))
ETA at 16DPO: No period in morning but after prolonged cramping it finally showed up at 7pm...longest luteal phase I had.