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28 January 2008 @ 08:23 pm
South Beach diet update  
One of those wacky American fad diet with garish website? Maybe...but I did enjoy.

Good results
- Lost 8lbs
- Lost 1 inch of waist
- Blood sugar stabilized - not hungry and shaky even if I had not snack for 5-6 hours. Before I would not last 1-2 hrs without snack.
- having fun with different food (if you're that kind of person)
- not missing potatoes, pasta, bread, rice

Am only CD5. Now, this cycle may tell:
- cycle shorter? earlier ovulation? *fingers crossed*

Downsides (first week)
- first week was terrible and physically incapacitating/hypoglycaemic lethargy (not anymore now, but that was the hurdle to overcome)
- constipation (now resolved with phyllium husk supplements and more vegs)
- going to loo all time even at night (due to losing muscle sugar and hence water, stopped now)
- a bit ouch at expensive health food budgeting (still ongoing)
- missing cheesecake, chocolate, truffles, cherry pie, waffles with choc cream...(dealing with this)